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EntryPoint Partners assists foreign companies set up operations in the Philippines, and to match them with local partners. We are the boots on the ground that help you turn your visions into actions, and grow your business!
With our local market knowledge and international partnerships in financial and commercial sectors, we offer tailored assistance to enter, compete and excel in a complex business environment. Operating in a relationship dependent culture, personal involvement and building of trust are fundamental to success. With us, you can expand your business to the Philippines with reduced cost and risk.

Our Services

Financial Advisory

We provide professional and objective advisory services on raising equity and debt, M&A transactions, restructurings and valuations. Services can be offered on a consulting basis or preformed through a UK licensed investment bank partner.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Business opportunities are most often the result of making connections, synthesizing patterns that trigger new ideas. With this as one of our main focus areas, we assist companies with identification of an array of business possibilities in a new market.

Partner Search & Local Representation

Finding a suitable business partner who meets your specific requirements can be challenging, especially when entering a new market. We assist you in identifying possible local partners.

Business Advisory

In both challenging and favourable economic conditions, businesses may need advise on how to be more innovative, nimble, creative and forward thinking. We provide technical knowledge and industry experience to assist with business issues that need a fresh take. EntryPoint Partners provides market analysis and strategies to assist you in creating a new position in the market.

Relationship & Risk Management

Entering a new market can be a complex process. We do our outmost to ensure your interests are taken care of by building your network together with you, and reducing any possible risks.

Legal Framework & Governance

Long experience and thorough understanding of business and legal frameworks assist us in advising foreign entities on the best management practices and corporate ownership structures.

Sector Possibilities

The possibilities in the Philippines seem endless, the challenges complex and sometimes daunting.

The country's economic success is attributed to the substantial domestic consumer base of 100 million and remittances from overseas workers, representing almost 10% of the population. Powered by a young, skilled, and English-speaking workforce, the Philippines has become the world’s largest center for business process outsourcing and boasts of a strong industrial sector based on manufacturing of electronics and other technology components for global corporations.

The country is rich in natural resources, such as nickel, copper and coal. With rapid growth both in terms of population and in business, numerous possibilities open up in the sectors of infrastructure, power generation and other industries.

The Philippines offers a competitive cost of doing business, and combined with its strong growth momentum, improved government finance and governance, the country has also gained investment-grade ratings from Fitch, Moody’s and S&P, which has made it an increasingly attractive investment destination in Asia.
Below are some of the sectors we believe offer great potential.

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